Elizabeth Anderson “Painting Shasta”

“My teacher colleagues and other friends have often commented on my unique childhood. Growing up in a large family on a very rural Northern California cattle ranch, graduating after eight grades in a one-room school house, the annual cattle drive on horseback to mountain pastures early each summer, hot hay fields, and cold winter nights gave me physical endurance as well as an enduring love for the land.  My first art experience happened in that one-room school house when the teacher (who was also an artist) introduced her students to oil paints.  But I discovered my true medium was watercolors while taking classes from a nationally acclaimed watercolor artist in Mt. Shasta, California, my home since 1994.

The love of the land that developed in my childhood years is reflected in all of my paintings.  Plein-air painting is always my first choice.  Painting outdoors, surrounded not only by the sights but also the sounds, smells, and textures of nature, add a dimension to my art that is hard to capture in a studio.  I have painted perched on mountain tops, on bluffs overlooking the ocean, deep in redwood groves, and even in my kayak˜giving water color a new meaning as I literally use the waters of the lake in my paintings.  Living in this amazing place, surrounded by the beauty of the mountains, forests, lakes, and rivers, is my inspiration and my joy.”

To view Elizabeth’s art work please press here:


~ by tomandleslie on March 4, 2011.

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