the “N” zone

Nadine Aiello

We all know what it is like to get into our “zone”.  Whatever passion it may be we can relate to that place of single mindedness and bliss…This guest column is about a woman that often gets into the “N” zone.  Nadine Aiello, artist, community volunteer..individual extraordinaire.  Native to France and now living in Mt Shasta, CA, USA, here is her story:

Nadine Aiello was born in Paris, France and studied art in both Paris and London.  A single mother, a gifted artist, designer, photographer and community volunteer, Nadine has single-handedly created a lifestyle that is unique and admirable.  Self employed for 30 years, she owns 3 successful home-operated art related businesses, has co-created a volunteer business for library fundraisers and continues to maintain her home with her beloved pets.

Nadine is an example of what  “everyday” individuals can do for themselves, for each other and the community as a whole.

Please check out her websites to take a glimpse at the “N” zone.

~ by tomandleslie on November 7, 2011.

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