“Positive Futures”

The Adventures of  “Di”

1)  What instruments do you play?

My favorite is the bongo drum!  I grew up with four brothers and we all banged on anything we could find.  It was a good way to relate.  I also play the blues harp, guitar and sing.

 2)  Your most memorable music experience?

Drumming to the point where I am totally lost.  Also, playing on your CD, “Up on Cedar Ridge” was so incredible! I loved the whole discipline of folding all the sounds together and being sensitive to the final sound and your vision.

3)  Tell me about playing spoons with a famous band?

I was asked to play spoons on stage with Santana’s drummer in the late 1970’s.  Super crazy fun! 

4)   Most memorable outdoor experience and why?

The time I was stranded on a tropical island with my boyfriend off the coast of far northern Australia in 1978. A local sail- boat Captain, dropped us off on a remote island with fresh water.  He was supposed to pick us up 5 days later and never did. We spent a month fishing, eating oysters, loosing weight, harassed by sharks, and bitten by large translucent green ants. We ended up rock climbing and bush whacking 21 miles around the crocodile infested swampy interior hoping to find a remote resort or air strip. 

5)  So how did this story end?

I always knew we would figure out something or be rescued.  After bush whacking 21 miles we found a resort and were rescued by boat.  Our adventure became part of a published book called, “No Shit, There I Was!” by Michael Hodgson.

6) Out of all your career endeavors which one did you find most rewarding and why?

Becoming the founding Executive Director of the River Exchange for the town of Dunsmuir, CA. It was important to create a new kind of organization that promoted communication, education, economy, and community as a pathway to sustainability and stewardship for future generations.

7)  What was the stimulus for creating The River Exchange ?

To heal the Sacramento River and it’s communities after the 1991 railroad car chemical tanker spill disaster that killed all life in the river for 40 miles downstream.

8)   What motivates you?

Wow! Great question.  Challenges, working with others, fun, self-awareness and making a difference in how we learn and care for nature.

9)  Is there a single common ingredient that makes you successful in what you do?

Not giving up on an idea or a dream.

10)   List important information about your PCT adventure.

I thought walking 1,600 miles would be such a fun adventure.  It turned into  learning about commitment, meeting challenges both obvious and not so obvious, pacing myself, eating enough to hike 15 to 20 miles a day, and being in nature – feeling deeply connected.

11)   What is your current profession?

I am the owner and director of “Positive Futures.”  My mission is to strengthen businesses, non-profit organizations, communities, and individuals through effective communication training, visionary planning, and leadership coaching.   

Thank YOU Diane for all you do!!  Leslie & Tom

~ by tomandleslie on July 9, 2012.

2 Responses to ““Positive Futures””

  1. such an interesting lady and so dedicated. makes me feel like i’ve been
    asleep all these years!

  2. Thanks Leslie! Diane has sooo much energy! What a joy she is to be having fun with. She always keeps it interesting, for sure!

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