Leslie and Tom’s Music

Combine the musical experiences of Leslie and Tom and you have 80 plus years of musicianship.  They met playing “Americana” style music together in a northern California band called, “North of Forty”. Their music blend produced a resonance that convinced them to play as an acoustic duo and produce their first CD “Up On Cedar Ridge”.  They released a second CD called “Sand and Stone” fall 2016.  Both CD’s are a compilation of primarily original music written by Tom Scott

Their music touches many generations.  From the 1800’s to present day their songs reflect the sounds that will touch a variety of interest groups. They play a combination of blues, country blues, folk, jazz, swing and originals.

Tom Scott has a gift for song writing that can fit any genre of music and permeates to the heart of “Americana” music. Tom has a history of playing guitar, mandolin and bass in numerous bands since his teenage years.

Studying, playing and performing music is the “spice” in Tom’s life. For Tom there was no escaping the popular music of the 60’s and 70’s. It was watching The Beatles on Ed Sullivan that first stirred Tom’s interest in playing the guitar hours and hours sitting in front of a record player, stereo, cassette player, CD player, and finally an MP3, trying to learn the songs and styling’s of the day. Couple that with years of playing gigs in working bands and you find how Tom’s playing and singing has landed where it has today. Some of Tom’s musical highlights are recording in Nashville, sharing the stage with Elizabeth Cotten and being a sound engineer for Greg Brown and Ani DiFranco.  A few of the many performers that Tom admires and listened to for many years are, Nick Drake, Richard Thompson, Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Doc Watson, Neil Young, and Howlin’ Wolf.

Tom has said, “I want to hear something that doesn’t sound like everyone else.”

Leslie Tift has many years of  music experiences.  She was inspired by many artists.  The 60’s and 70’s brought her playing styles close to the sounds of the Beatles and Joni Mitchel.  In later years, she was attracted to the picking styles of Mississippi John Hurt. Her guitar playing is varied from finger style picking with a driving thumb pick to percussive rhythmic strumming.  She has been told by many that her rhythm and tempo are solid like a metronome.  Fifteen years she spent training with voice teachers and coaches.  Her singing styles were influenced by a wide range of performers from a variety of broadway singers, the blues of Bessie Smith, the classics of Barbra Streisand and the contempary folk style jazz of Eva Cassidy and Linda Ronstadt.  With her passion for singing coupled with years of training she brings forth a style that is strong, varied in range and styles with an emotion that comes from her heart. Some of Leslie’s musical highlights are: performing for the annual Firefly Folk Festival in Japan, singing in college broadway musicals, playing for notable celebrities (Kennedy’s), performing throughout the north western states while sharing the stage with a variety of acoustic professional performers and foremost, singing for years by her mothers side at the piano.

Leslie says, “playing music is the pathway to our souls, helping us stay grounded and therefore providing us with an avenue to communicate with others in its purest form”.

With varied musical backgrounds Tom and Leslie have come together to synergize their sounds and develop a unique music experience that brings us all to that “nostalgic place” we call home.


Tom plays guitar (electric and acoustic), bass, mandolin, percussion, banjo and vocals.

Leslie plays acoustic guitar, dobro, cajon and vocals.

Radio Play

JPR-Jefferson Public Radio (Folk Show) – California and Oregon

KVMR-“Music of the World- Nevada City, CA

KCHO-“North State Public Radio, Redding and Chico, CA

KFPR-Redding, CA

KZME-Portland, OR

Worldwide Bluegrass and Seattle Night Out-internet stations

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