I have listened to you CD a few times now and can tell you I definitely feel your heart in this music. I like the arrangement of instruments a lot.  Very clean. Mixed together very well. Complimentary vocal performance too. The acoustic nature of it all lends beautifully to your voices.  Overall production is excellent.   J. Cornell, Radio Station 102.3 XLC, Illinois, 2012

Country music the way it was meant to be! Remember the 1950s and ’60s, when old-time country music permeated the radio waves and was featured on network television shows? It was just the beginning of mass commercialization; but the music was still intact and true to its roots.   Leslie Tift and Tom Scott are a modern-day throwback to those times. Both are excellent vocalists in the country genre, with Leslie supplying the twang and Tom giving us the smooth.   Two of the three songs (“Like a Pebble In My Shoe” and “When the Shadow Grows Long”) fit the old-time country category, as each feature a weeping steel guitar threading around well-picked acoustic guitar and mandolin and tight vocal harmonies.  While the CD title “Up on Cedar Ridge” also hints at country and bluegrass, there is at least one rather folky ballad: track three “Beneath the Stars.”  If country music is to return to the “glory days” of its roots, this duo could be one of the best channels to make that happen.   L. Reynolds, Indie-Music, 2011

“When I listened to this the first time I completely relaxed and it was as if
I was gazing out on quietness and it somehow filled me up.  
Thanks you guys.”  Di Strachan-2012
I’ve been listening to it in my best set of headphones so I can savor every little nuance. I love love love it – it’s truly got an authentic Mt. Shasta, Siskiyou vibe all over it – even the packaging is magical – so sweet.  Joel, McCloud, CA 2011

The CD is awesome!!!!  I love the genre and love your voices – The joy of music is so obvious!  And the CD is TIGHT!!  Lisa, Yreka, California

I can’t stop listening to the music of “Up on Cedar Ridge” . The voices of Leslie and Tom are beautiful, and the variety of music is very enjoyable. It is the first CD I turn on when I come home from a busy, day…just the right music to make you mellow.    Susan Branz      Tokyo, Japan

All the songs are very heartfelt, with very accessible lyrics, and sung by two folks who clearly have the same sense of how the song should sound and be performed, and how to put together lyrics and melodies that fit so well together…the kind of songs that immediately have a listener singing along…and with a set of supporting musicians that bring a succession of tasty, but not overbearing, licks on a variety of instruments.  Dave, Washington

Leslie Tift & Tom Scott’s passion for music, whether singing, writing or playing,
is a life long journey that has just been captured on their new CD,
a labor of love celebrating this acoustic musical duo’s inspired talents.  Their commitment to their craft is reflected in the richness of Leslie’s voice, Tom’s poetry and musical skills and the gathering of a talented group of musicians for the recording of this CD.  Nadine, “Nadine Aiello Graphics”, CA

We got your CD yesterday, and today while we packed for backpacking we played your CD. It is beautiful! I really enjoyed it, and I would love to see you guys live.  Dana, Humboldt Co., CA

Up On Cedar Ridge – Tom Scott, Leslie Tift, and friends bring Tom’s lyrical stories to life. The melodies leave you humming and smiling – “Like a Pebble in My Shoe”. . and leave you wondering of the rest of the story – like excerpts from a musical. Leslie’s exquisite and emotionally delivered vocals add clarity to Tom’s lyrics. Tom’s smooth voice is romantic and expressive. This CD is musically and Muse-ically locked down. Up On Cedar Ridge features an amazing group of musicians. Perfect – they should be very proud.
Lisa Wright, Yreka, CA

I can’t wait to give them to my daughters, as I know they will love your music just as much as I do.  Be sure and keep me on your e-mail list, so I can enjoy your incredible talent again and again!!

Linda C, Mt Shasta, CA

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